Monday, January 3, 2011

Defeated No More (Part 1)

It is simply wrong thinking, wrong believing, wrong speaking and wrong actions that defeats most believers. If our thinking is right our believing will be right. If our believing is right then our confession will be right and if our confession is right then our actions will be right. In Matthew 8:5-13 we see Jesus' encounter with a Roman centurion.

In Matthew 8:5-8 we find that some how this centurion heard about Jesus or observed Jesus as He ministered so he went to Jesus and pleaded for his servant who was "lying at home paralyzed, dreadfully tormented." Jesus’ response was immediate, “I will come and heal him”. There was no questions concerning the Father’s will to heal this mans servant. However, the centurion offers Jesus an alternative “Lord I am not worthy that You should come under my roof. But only speak a word and my servant will be healed.” This is important because it reveals some things concerning the centurion and Gods will.

First we see the centurion’s faith at work. He heard about Jesus or observed the ministry of Jesus, it produced thought, he believed and he confessed by offering an alternative to Jesus coming to his house and healing his servant. Next, Matthew 8:9, The centurion tells Jesus that he is a man under authority just like Jesus is. He knew that he could verbally command soldiers under him and they would obey because they recognized his authority. He had discerned the authority that Jesus had and in the same way that the centurion commanded soldiers he believed that Jesus could command healing on his servant without Jesus going to his house.

In Matthew 8:10-12 We see that Jesus marveled at this mans spiritual insight and then brings a word of conviction to those who were Gods children and should have faith in God. Could the same statement be said to the church today, "I have not found such great faith" and be true as it was then? Jesus equates this mans understanding of authority as having great faith. In other words, "I have not found such a great confidence in my power, even among the Jews, as this Roman, a Gentile, has shown himself to possess.”

Finally Matthew 8:13 shows us the results of this encounter. The centurion heard, thought, believed, confessed and now he acted, “Go you way”, and then he received, “His servant was healed that same hour.” The fact that the centurion changed the circumstance in which Jesus was to heal his servant also shows us that God is far more willing to do things than most believers have faith for. We do not know if the centurion was a follower of Christ or not, but what is evident is true faith is all that it takes to move our Heavenly Father as we ask in Jesus' name.

Believers can and should speak the Word of God with authority being fully convinced that what God has promised He is also able to perform. So let's begin right now by changing our thinking, believing, confessing and actions from being manipulated by doubt, fear and unbelief and place our faith in the integrity of God's Word. Let us declare right NOW that 2011 will be the most fruitful year that we have ever experienced for HIS glory...

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