Monday, November 2, 2020

A Religion Based on Theory

Throughout the history of man, many have refused to believe in "Elohim", God the Creator and Judge of the universe. As the world population increases, so does the propaganda of lies increase that say there in no God, no Creator. This lie has increase much more since the publishing of "The Origin of Species" in 1859 by Charles Darwin, then any other time in history. The Origin of Species is one of the greatest wrong guesses in the world of science, we call it "Evolution". Sadly, evolution is taught and accepted as scientific fact in high schools and universities throughout the world and yet due to modern advances in technology, evolution has been consistently proven scientifically, to be a fallacy. Even Charles Darwin two years after he wrote "The Origins of Species," shared his doubts that evolution could ever produce something as complex as the human eye. 

To fully understand evolution we must distinguish between micro-evolution and macro-evolution. In short, micro-evolution is when gradual changes take place causing some variations in a particular species due to cross-breeding, climate or environmental changes. This is also called "adaptation." However, although these changes take place, the species remains "its kind." It does not transform into a different species plus it does not conflict with what God said at the time of creation, "...Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind: cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth, each according to its kind"; and it was so." (Genesis 1:24)

Macro-evolution claims that after an astronomical number of random mutations take place over an astronomical number of years, finally a major change takes place and an entirely new and different species evolves that had never existed. Although micro-evolution does exist, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that macro-evolution has ever occurred. In other words, one of the proofs of evolution was to be observed by fossils and or observed in a laboratory that would show this random mutation to be so. The problem, there is absolutely no evidence to prove this at all.

So, why do educators still promote these lies and teach them as facts? Without mentioning any names, the following are quotes (only a very few) from some of the top leading evolution scientists in the world...

  • All of us who study the origin of life find that the more we look into it, the more we feel it is too complex to have evolved anywhere and yet we all believe as an article of faith that life evolved from dead matter on this planet.
  • Our faith in the doctrine of evolution depends upon our reluctance to accept the antagonistic doctrine of special creation.
  • The theory of evolution has survived despite the lack of scientific evidence because the theory is considered socially desirable and even essential to the peace of mind of the body politic.
  • Evolution is unproved and not provable. We believe it only because the only other alternative is special creation which is unthinkable
  • It is therefore a matter of faith on the part of the biologist that evolution did occur and he can choose whatever method of evolution that suits him personally; the evidence for what did happen is not available.

All of these quotes by evolutionists say the same thing. Forget about scientific evidence because evolution is a matter of faith and there is no evidence to prove it. We call this higher education, hummm. The reality of evolution is plain and simply. It is not the "Theory of Evolution" but "The Religion of Evolution," and yet how many educators today throw out the "separation of church and state" card. If educators were really honest, they would stop teaching such an idiotic religion and see the the very proponents of evolution say that they have absolutely zero proof of it. 

I want to finish by sharing one more (though there are many) ditch effort that evolutionist purpose as they feverishly try to keep their religion alive. Keep in mind that evolutionist consider themselves highly intellectual people. Another guess goes like this, "evolution could never have developed life by chance on our Earth, in our solar system or in our universe. For life to have originated on Earth it would be necessary that quite explicit instructions should have provided for it's assembly." Now this sounds like the admission that there is a Creator. However, the guess goes on to say, "that life was purposely seeded upon the earth in the distant past by some intergalactic space aliens who themselves were created in another galaxy by some super-intelligent, super-being, that is, a higher intelligence. Furthermore, because these aliens seeded the earth with life they have a responsibility to serve the higher intelligence, but we do not because we are a secondary life form."

Now this may sound somewhat hilarious, but these thing are serious. David goes on to say, "...They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none who does good." (Psalm 14:1) The church has a mandate not to lobby against evolution, but to win souls and make disciples. Our failure in fulfilling our mandate, has opened the door for these atheistic teachings to fill our world and be taught as truth when in fact the church is the vehicle of truth to the lost world. If you think about it, it take more faith to believe such an outrageous religion as evolution than to believe in the one and only Creator, Elohim. So, let us rise up, through off the slumber and get down to business magnifying the Lord in all sectors of society and letting His Word prevail over all the corrupt words of the world. Let's lead people away from darkness and tell them the good news. LET'S GET PEOPLE SAVED! The lost world is counting on us!!!    

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